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Generally we will do our best to give our clients maximum value for money within the budget that we are given. There are a few determining factors that can help with lowering rates or lengthening advertising campaigns. Firstly the number of trailers that you use can lower your rate quite substantially as with other outdoor advertising media, its a numbers game. The more exposure you have the more impact your trailer advertising campaign will create during its duration. What we have found to work quite well in creating maximum impact is with multiple trailers, moving them all from target area to target area you will flood your target zone making it near impossible for motorists to miss, and whats more, they will most likely see your ad again and again. Repetition is great for awareness and if the trailers are placed correctly you could get your clients passing your ad multiple times on the way to work and on the way home from work. The other frequently used method is to store your advertising artwork for reuse at a later date. we do not charge our clients for this facility but do request that they inform us that they wish to re-utilize them at a later date. This works exceptionally well with yearly events or industry busy periods like schools at year end or restaurant busy seasons and usually all we have to do is give them a good wash down and place some clever vinyl stickers over any date or evidence that the advert was used in the past.


Generally we will tailor your budget to your outdoor trailer advertising campaign, there are however a few basic trends that our clients find the most beneficial in advertising for an event or product launch and that is to split the trailer campaign into regions. You could say have one trailer for your campaign in the North, one in the South one for the East one for Midrand and one for the West or you could split the campaign even further and have one just for the north and one roaming the other areas that you want to target with your advertising. We have run campaigns with as many as 10 trailers just in the North which is something that delivers an unbelievable impact on your brand awareness and ultimately, your bottom line. We will work out the most suitable plan for you depending on your target market, area etc. Most of the time if your campaign requires three or more trailers we can provide you with a discount on the trailer rental portion of the campaign, speak to us we will come to a solution that works for you and your outdoor advertising campaign. One thing to bare in mind is that the print and flighting portion of the advertising campaign is quite substantial so the longer campaigns have a lower “cost per day” of advertising when you divide the production cost by the advertising days in the campaign.
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We have hundreds of different trailer locations that we use in the greater Johannesburg area each one is designed to gain the maximum exposure and sighting for your trailer, we will however customize a route for your campaign and will work with you until we have the perfect route plan. we would usually move the trailers every 3 to 4 working days which gives you around 7 locations for the month, not each of these have to be unique however and we can revisit your favourite or most successful location more than once over a one month campaign period, not all the locations have to be unique. if you have a particular location in mind, we can definitely assist as long as a few fundamentals are in place, firstly we need to make sure that there is a large enough space on the side of the road to fit the trailers and then secondly safety is a vital component and we need to ensure that no motorist’s vision or line of sight will be obscured by the trailer advertising. if you have a spot in mind, give us a call and we will verify that we can slot it into your route campaign.
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Vinyl stickers can be used to update information on a existing trailers, for example to change a date or change “opening soon” to “now open”. This saves costs of a complete new set of PVC prints and gives the benefit of a more cost effective, longer campaign. It is important to point out that because it is a vinyl sticker on pvc it is not recommended that the sticker is made too large due to the fact that vinyl stretches easily when applied to PVC. Something to bear in mind when designing the artwork. This is extremely useful if you are running yearly events or are wanting exposure at the same time each year with similar services or products. Schools like to advertise each year end and in the beginning of each year to attract the people looking for their services, likewise Xmas specials are run at the same time each year, conferences, events, shows and exhibitions all generally run at the the same general time each year so why go through the expense of redoing your artwork for your trailer ad if you don’t have the budget, let us put a well placed vinyl over the date or location and reutalise the art.
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There are a few things to take into consideration when designing your trailer ad, firstly remember that some of the cars will be moving when they see the trailer so you want to be able to get your message across at first glance. We have found that short phrases and calls to action work best for our clients, this could be a special that you have on or perhaps even a summery of the services that you provide. Chat to us, we are here to work with you in ensuring that your Trailer Advert is the best that it can possibly be! you can also mail us directly